Mentally Disability: Truths vs. Myths

From 1991-2008, 7.66% of children from 3-17 years of age was reported to have some kind of developmental disability. That may not seem like a very large percentage, but it actually is a pretty significant amount. They are, however, in the minority, which makes for a lot of misinformation to spread about learning and developmental disabilities in children and adults. Above all else, we, at A-1 Home Care, value knowledge which is why we’ve compiled a list of myths and truths pertaining to developmental diseases.

Myth: Persons with Intellectual Disability are unable to learn. 

Fact: Persons with Intellectual Disability are trainable and should be given the opportunity to learn.

Myth: Persons with Intellectual Disability cannot make decisions. 

Fact: Every person can make decisions according to his or her level of intellectual functioning.

Myth: Persons with Intellectual Disability display weird behavior; they are abnormal human beings who should be hidden from society. 

Fact: Persons with Intellectual Disability are human beings, with special needs, who should be respected and integrated into society.

 Just as we value knowledge, so do our caregivers. Trained in 24 Hour and Overnight Care, our in home helpers are able to attend to all types of cases including Special Needs care, Senior care and more. No matter the condition of the patient, whether they are incontinent, elderly or have any disabilities, our caregivers are sure to get the job done with compassion and expertise.


For more information on our services, call our office at 310 657 8780 or check us out at Century City In Home Care,

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