How Your Social Life Can Affect Your Brain Fitness

a-1 home care caregivers temple city

You have heard about doing brain training, exercise, and even specific diets that can help you keep your mind sharp. A rich and fulfilling social life is also one key ingredient to keeping up your cognitive function.  Studies have shown that those with low social support are more likely linked to chronic depression.  Aside from preventing depression, socializing can also improve the ability to think and remember.  It is not just humans that benefit from having a good social life.  The larger the social group these primates have, their size of the brain also correlate with it.

Since older adults are the group that are often more isolated while being the same group that can use the mental stimulation, encourage your elderly loved ones to get out there more. Volunteer for a cause, meet up old friends, join a club, learn something new. There are still countless ways for seniors to socialize, and it can lead to a more fulfilling life with keeping their mind sharp.

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