Century City Companion Care: Understanding Your Parents’ Feelings about Aging

????????????????????????????????????????Do you have elderly parents who are still healthy and active?  Perhaps you have one parent who passed away, but the surviving parent is still very alert and independent.  Many families have elderly loved ones who have retired from successful careers but need a new sense of purpose for their lives.  Some seniors move in with their adult children, and though they have good intentions, they tend to take control over their children’s lives because they’re just trying to be “helpful.”  Occasionally, adult children would move their parents into a nursing home to be closer to their relatives who already reside there.  However, are convalescent homes appropriate for seniors who just need a friend?  A-1 Home Care in Century City provides part-time and full-time companion care for the elderly who just want to enjoy life and are not ready to have a “caregiver.”


To begin with, adult children probably would not think of moving their elderly parent into a nursing home unless there was something that made them fearful for their parent’s safety.  Perhaps their mother has been having too many accidents lately, such as tripping over a cord or losing her balance.  The adult children are worried sick about their parent’s safety at home, but other than that, their parents are perfectly fine and cognitively intact.  For non-critical situations that warrant some vigilance, A-1 Home Care in Century City has the perfect companion who will keep your parent entertained and safe.  A live-out caregiver will take your elderly mother or father to a nearby senior center to participate in volunteer activities, or they can do hobbies with your parents to help pass the time.


A-1 Home Care in Century City has the most competitive rates for companion care in Los Angeles County!  Don’t send your loved one to a nursing home or convalescent home.  That is the last place where any elderly person would want to be.  It’s a reminder that they are getting old, and if they’re still very healthy and cognizant, they would feel insulted if you move them into an “old folks’ home.”  Instead, give them a new purpose and meaning for their life by hiring a seasoned companion who can assist if they need help around the house or call for medical help if there’s an emergency.  Having a 24 hour CPR-certified companion care aide is having another set of eyes, ears and hands to care for your elderly loved one.


Find a companion care aide in your area today!  Call A-1 Home Care (310) 657-8780 or visit www.centurycityhomecare.com for services in Century City, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, Manhattan Beach and surrounding areas. 

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