24-Hour In-Home Care for Seniors with Cirrhosis

a-1 home care caregivers temple cityA disease of the liver, cirrhosis is the 12th leading cause of death in the United States, usually caused by hepatitis C infection or chronic alcoholism.  It occurs during the most advanced stages of liver disease and is characterized by severe scarring of the liver.  Symptoms include abdominal swelling, cognitive impairment, nose bleeds, jaundice, anorexia, weight loss, and itchy skin, just to name a few.  If your elderly loved one has reached the stage of decompensated cirrhosis, with symptoms such as internal bleeding and fluid in the belly, he is at risk for life-threatening complications and will need a liver transplant.  A-1 Home Care in Century City will help you or your elderly loved one adjust to changes in lifestyle and diet while you stick to the doctor’s treatment plan.

Live-In Care Makes Recovery Comfortable

Whether your elderly loved one needs a liver transplant or not, making a lifestyle change will require a strong will and motivation.  With live-in care from A-1 Home Care in Century City, you won’t have to worry about your loved one being alone at home.  A professional caregiver will monitor your loved one’s dietary habits and implement the doctor’s orders for treatment.  Your loved one may be too drowsy to muster up energy to cook, clean and run errands.  He may suffer from insomnia or irritability.  Live-in care allows your loved one to recover in the comfort of her own home and be surrounded by family members and friends.  It reduces depression because your loved one would not be socially isolated, and they get 24-hour undivided attention from a caregiver who’s ready to wait on them hand and foot.

About A-1 Home Care in Century City

A-1 Home Care is a licensed, bonded and insured home care agency serving families all over Century City.  Founded in 1991, we’ve grown as Southern California’s most preferred choice in the elder care industry, thanks to our wonderful team of compassionate, highly skilled caregivers.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality of in-home care at the most competitive rates you’ll find anywhere in LA County.  We support that mission by delivering personable care, starting with our first line of communication – the telephone.  When you call A-1 Home Care, you will never have to deal with an automated answering system with a senseless number of menu options.  Our live operators are on stand-by 24 hours a day to answer your questions and address your concerns.

To hire a caregiver today, call (310) 657-8780 or visit www.centurycityhomecare.com for services in Century City, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, Manhattan Beach and surrounding areas. 

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