Avoiding Accidents and Falls for the Elderly


For an elderly person, a mere fall can be life-changing. Those suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis most especially are easily susceptible to broken bones. With falls as the leading injury for many seniors, creating a fall-prevention plan with your doctor is vital. Many people believe that a fall is a simple accident; however, this is not the case. There are many contributions to accidents. By understanding these causes, you can avoid future physical disabilities and maintain a safe and healthy life.

When discussing a fall prevention plan with your doctor, it is essential to mention medications and certain conditions such as heart disease which can inhibit coordination. Strengthening your body through exercise can also improve coordination,and flexibility. Maintaining regular eye check-ups and preserving a healthy diet full of calcium and vitamin D will increase the likelihood of leading a happier and accident-free life.

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Caregiver Service After Surgery in Century City


Although the global economic situation is on the upswing, things are still not great financially for many families.  In addition, not all individuals have health insurance that might cover the cost of surgery.  But in this AARP article, more concerns are mounting for those needing a surgery or recently had surgery.  Antibiotic-resistant bacteria is a growing problem, and those whose incisions are infected with such bacterias has a greater risk of readmitting to the hospital or even death.  Furthermore, for those who are readmitted to the hospital because of these infections, it can add up to $60,000 to the hospital bill.  While this terrible new trend might not be entirely preventable, but the potential to save lives as well as cost is there to be improved after surgery.

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