Tip to Help Seniors Avoid The Holiday Blues


Seniors love the holidays, but the list of demands during the holiday is ridiculously long.  From the shopping to the dinner and everything else in between, it can put a lot of stress on a person, and the dreaded holiday blues can occur.  However, with a few simple tips provided by the Mayo Clinic, anyone can combat the holiday blues and discover ways to enjoy the time with friends and family..

  • Stop the denial, acknowledge any negative feelings you have.  It is ok to be sad during the holidays if that is truly how you feel.  That way you can find the help and support needed to become happy once again!
  • Don’t keep feelings to yourself.  Reach out to others for help, whether it is a close family member, your community, or any forms of support.
  • Plan ahead for everything. The baking, the shopping, the activities.  That way you are prepared for the hectic schedule instead of tackling everything spontaneously.
  • Set a budget and stick to it.  Forget the idea of finding the “perfect gift”, stay within the spending limit, and find the right gifts from your heart.  Money cannot buy you happiness.
  • Take a break.  Step back, breath, and ask others for help if you need to.  One person cannot prepare for the holidays alone.
  • Still feeling the blues after these tips? Find professional help immediately.

Christmas is a time for celebration, and a time to be close with the family.  So don’t let the activities that surround the holiday ruin the holiday itself, and go enjoy it with your loved ones this season!

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