A Multiple Sclerosis Misdiagnosis Leads to Harmful Prescriptions

Grandparent and daughterDo you have a loved one who has Multiple Sclerosis?  How do you know for sure if your loved ones have MS?  According to new research published in the journal Neurology, a study reveals a shocking number of patients who were misdiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease of the nervous system that causes paralysis, vision loss, fatigue, numbness, involuntary movements, dizziness, poor balance, slurred speech and other symptoms.  As a result of the misdiagnosis, many patients receive harmful medication and even suffer from “unnecessary morbidity” (morbid thoughts of death), according to a news article.  Many physicians feel pressured to make a quick diagnosis without giving full attention to the whole picture.  If your loved one was diagnosed with MS, it’s always better to get a second or third opinion.

In-Home Care for Multiple Sclerosis or Other Symptoms

Multiple Sclerosis shares many symptoms in common with other conditions such as fibromyalgia.  Nonetheless, symptoms are symptoms, and they are very unpleasant to deal with when you are on the wrong medication.  Are you concerned about your elderly loved one’s health care?  Do you struggle with not finding the time to take your loved ones to multiple appointments to get second opinions about your loved one’s condition?  A-1 Home Care will take the load off your shoulders by providing transportation to medical appointments around Century City or anywhere beyond, whatever it takes for your loved one to get the medical attention she needs.  Round-the-clock care also entails assistance with meal preparation, light housekeeping, personal care and companion care.

About A-1 Home Care

A-1 Home Care is a licensed, bonded and insured home care agency in Southern California.  Since its inception in 1991, A-1 Home Care has served thousands of families in Century City. Upholding its mission to provide the best quality of senior care possible, A-1 Home Care serves to protect seniors from fraud, scams, and predators.  Being licensed, bonded and insured means that your loved ones will receive quality care from caregivers who have gone through an extensive criminal background screening process.  If you are paying out of pocket for senior care, you can count on A-1 Home Care for affordable care without compromising quality!

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Century City Companion Care: Understanding Your Parents’ Feelings about Aging

????????????????????????????????????????Do you have elderly parents who are still healthy and active?  Perhaps you have one parent who passed away, but the surviving parent is still very alert and independent.  Many families have elderly loved ones who have retired from successful careers but need a new sense of purpose for their lives.  Some seniors move in with their adult children, and though they have good intentions, they tend to take control over their children’s lives because they’re just trying to be “helpful.”  Occasionally, adult children would move their parents into a nursing home to be closer to their relatives who already reside there.  However, are convalescent homes appropriate for seniors who just need a friend?  A-1 Home Care in Century City provides part-time and full-time companion care for the elderly who just want to enjoy life and are not ready to have a “caregiver.”


To begin with, adult children probably would not think of moving their elderly parent into a nursing home unless there was something that made them fearful for their parent’s safety.  Perhaps their mother has been having too many accidents lately, such as tripping over a cord or losing her balance.  The adult children are worried sick about their parent’s safety at home, but other than that, their parents are perfectly fine and cognitively intact.  For non-critical situations that warrant some vigilance, A-1 Home Care in Century City has the perfect companion who will keep your parent entertained and safe.  A live-out caregiver will take your elderly mother or father to a nearby senior center to participate in volunteer activities, or they can do hobbies with your parents to help pass the time.


A-1 Home Care in Century City has the most competitive rates for companion care in Los Angeles County!  Don’t send your loved one to a nursing home or convalescent home.  That is the last place where any elderly person would want to be.  It’s a reminder that they are getting old, and if they’re still very healthy and cognizant, they would feel insulted if you move them into an “old folks’ home.”  Instead, give them a new purpose and meaning for their life by hiring a seasoned companion who can assist if they need help around the house or call for medical help if there’s an emergency.  Having a 24 hour CPR-certified companion care aide is having another set of eyes, ears and hands to care for your elderly loved one.


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Companionship Solutions Proudly Serve Seniors Across Century City

In today’s busy, go-go-go world, we can oftentimes feel overwhelmed and unable to care for our elderly loved ones in the way we feel we should.

At A-1 Home Care, the solution to all your beloved senior’s daily needs in the home are found with our helpful elder care experts. That’s because we provide lasting answers to seniors in need of companionship services during the day when you’re at work or dealing with responsibilities of your own family that leave you unable to help them like you used to.

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Take a look below at some of the companionship services A-1 Home Care provides for its seniors:

  • Help with household chores like vacuuming, dusting, doing laundry, doing dishes, and other general cleaning tasks
  • Help with yard work and gardening duties like watering and raking
  • Fun activities that aren’t overwhelming, but truly enjoyable
  • Good conversation
  • Medication reminders
  • Preparation of healthy meals and delicious snacks
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments and other existing engagements

At A-1 Home Care, our secret to providing the best senior care services in Century City comes from our understanding that beyond the years of retirement rests a period of transition that is always made easier for the whole family when home care services are brought in.

Plus, we realize that your own busy schedule can make being a daily companion to your loved one outright impossible at times. That is why we offer the most affordable home care solutions in not only Century City, but all of Southern California.

For more information about the leading senior companion services you’ll find anywhere, call one of our friendly care givers today by dialing (310)657-8780 or
(562)929-8400. We proudly serve cities throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, including Calabasas, Corona Del Mar, Seal Beach, Garden Grove, and Beverly Hills.

What Makes an Effective Drug Addiction Treatment?

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Medical professionals and scientists have been studying on addiction treatment for many many years, and they have found the various principles that makes up what an effective treatment includes.  Here are a few samples taken from this publication from the National Institute of Drug Abuse.  Most importantly, treatments should be individualized as “no single treatment is appropriate for everyone”, and for the treatment to be effective, it attends to multiple needs of the patient, not simply the drug abuse problem.  Furthermore, it takes time for the treatment to work and drug abuse doesn’t just go away overnight, as the addict needs to remain in treatment for an adequate period of time.  No plan is perfect either, so the treatment plan should always be adaptable and should be assessed constantly and modify when needed.  Finally, the patient need to be monitored in case of relapses, which is common.

At A-1 Home Care in Century City, we offer high quality and supportive home helpers, certified nurse aides, home health aides, and in home caregivers who are able to provide excellent services in Short-Term Care, Home Helpers, Personal Services, Hospital Sitters, 24 hour live-in care, and other in home care needs.  We are trusted by many around Los Angeles and Orange County, with clients in the cities of Century City, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, Santa Monica, Studio City, Pasadena, Burbank, Glendale, and Marina Del Rey.

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Home Care Help for Sleep Deprived Caregiver during Holidays

????????????????????????????????????????Did you know you have a greater chance of dying from sleep deprivation than smoking, high blood pressure and heart disease combined? Institutionalization of the elderly, high mortality risks and obesity are also linked with insomnia. “Any American making a resolution to lose weight….should probably consider a parallel commitment for getting more sleep,” said Michael Thorpy, M.D., director of the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center in New York. While this information is useful, family caregivers who care for their elderly loved ones at home in addition to a regular work schedule often suffer from insomnia. Dementia comes with sleep disorders, and with Sundowner’s Syndrome, sleeping problems are much more severe. A-1 Home Care in Century City offers overnight care for six to twelve hours a night, depending on your needs and preferences.


Surviving the Holidays with Respite Care

If you have been caring for an elderly loved one all year long, you know how difficult it is already. Add that stress to the holiday season, and you’re bound to get caregiver burnout if you don’t hire extra help right away. A-1 Home Care in Century City gives relief to families who need to prepare for distant relatives coming to town. Home care services include meal preparation, toileting care, bathing, grooming, hygiene, laundry, light housekeeping, and errands. Seniors need undivided attention, especially those who are fall risks. Having a professional, highly skilled certified nurse aide or home health aide by your side will assuage your stress levels.

About A-1 Home Care

A-1 Home Care is a licensed, bonded and insured home care agency that provides non-medical services on a long-term or short-term basis. You can count on quality care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Day. Established in 1991, A-1 Home Care has garnered an incredible reputation for being Los Angeles County’s favorite home care agency. Past and current clients continually refer their friends and families to us because they know we treat their elderly loved ones as our own.

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How Your Social Life Can Affect Your Brain Fitness

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You have heard about doing brain training, exercise, and even specific diets that can help you keep your mind sharp. A rich and fulfilling social life is also one key ingredient to keeping up your cognitive function.  Studies have shown that those with low social support are more likely linked to chronic depression.  Aside from preventing depression, socializing can also improve the ability to think and remember.  It is not just humans that benefit from having a good social life.  The larger the social group these primates have, their size of the brain also correlate with it.

Since older adults are the group that are often more isolated while being the same group that can use the mental stimulation, encourage your elderly loved ones to get out there more. Volunteer for a cause, meet up old friends, join a club, learn something new. There are still countless ways for seniors to socialize, and it can lead to a more fulfilling life with keeping their mind sharp.

A-1 Home Care in Century City has been the industry leader for in home care since 1991.  We have the experience and the knowledge to pick out which caregivers to best represent our standards in quality service.  We focus on three main points: Care, compassion, and dedication.  We cover all of Los Angeles and Orange County, including the cities of Century City, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Malibu, Studio City, Pasadena, Burbank, Glendale, and Marina Del Rey. Enjoy service in Arthritis Care, Parkinson Care, After Surgery Care, Brain Injury Care, Alzheimer Care, Cancer Care, Kidney Disease Care, Incontinence Care,  Diabetes Care, and other home care needs.

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Open Up a New World For Seniors with The Computer


Information is readily available with a click of a button with the computer and the Internet, but many seniors are not equipped with the knowledge or skills to access these information.  Although this population may not learn as quickly as they used to, it does not mean they cannot learn how to operate a computer.

One of the best ways to demonstrate the potential benefits of a computer is by show and tell.  Show them how you can share photos with friends and family via email, social networks, and more.  Let them know that you can do video calling via applications such as Skype, so you can stay connected with them even being away from each other.  Another way to teach them about computers is by enrolling in computer classes and let a professional teach them.

Most important consideration is to not overwhelm them about this new piece of technology because the concept is still  foreign to them. Under this hot summer days, having the ability to stay entertained at home and stay cool is a great advantage of learning the computer for seniors!

We have many experienced caregivers here at A-1 Home Care in Century City, and our goal is to provide quality support for seniors to maintain a great quality of life at home.  We offer Alzheimer Care, Incontinence Care,  Kidney Disease Care, Arthritis Care, After Surgery Care, Parkinson’s Care, and other in home care challenges for seniors to allow seniors to age in place. With exceptional home health aides ready to offer their compassion and dedication to support your loved ones, we are confident that our service can provide your family with a peace of mind.  Licensed, Bonded, and Insured since 1991,Century City, Westwood, Hollywood,  and other cities , and around Los Angeles and Orange County can all enjoy our services.

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