Quality 24-Hour Post-Surgery Care in Century City

????????????????????????????????????????Has your elderly loved one recently gone through an operation, or are they scheduled for an upcoming surgery, such as knee/hip replacement, foot/leg amputation, coronary artery bypass surgery, hysterectomy, or other types of surgery?  To ensure proper healing and smooth recovery, A-1 Home Care offers top-notch post-surgery care for families in Century City and all over Los Angeles County.  You can sign up for short-term care and extend it to long-term care, depending on your loved one’s needs.

Benefits of 24-Hour Post-Operative Care

A-1 Home Care’s hospital sitters will stay by your loved one’s bedside if you or other family members are unable to take time off from work during your loved one’s hospital stay before the discharge.  Our 24-hour hospital sitters will assist the hospital staff in monitoring your vital signs, watch for any allergic reactions to anesthesia, check for signs of infection, provide toileting care and assist with personal hygiene, such as bathing, brushing, and flossing.  The nurses will appreciate the help and your elderly loved one will benefit from 100% undivided attention.  You can schedule for a hospital sitter from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday while you’re at work, or you can sign up for a 24-hour caregiver to assist you round-the-clock.

About A-1 Home Care in Century City

A-1 Home Care was established in 1991 as a licensed, bonded and insured home care agency in Los Angeles County, providing exceptional in-home care services and protecting the elderly from elder abuse crimes.  Today we are still going strong, thanks to our multitude of diverse, highly skilled caregivers who serve families all over Southern California.  Regardless of your cultural background, we have prescreened caregivers who can speak your language.  Families in Century City, Playa del Rey, Culver City, Santa Monica, Malibu and other surrounding cities enjoy 24-hour affordable, high quality care at competitive rates you won’t find anywhere else.   We’re open seven days a week, 365 days a year, including major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.  When you need us, we’re here for you.

For quality post-surgery care, call A-1 Home Care (310) 657-8780 or visit www.centurycityhomecare.com for services around you.

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Heart Attack Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

a-1 domestic elder care cailforniaMyocardial infarction, also known as “heart attack,” describes the cessation of blood flow to the heart, which damages the heart muscle.  The number one cause of death in the United States, heart disease claims about 40% of lives, according to Silverstein, Alvin et al. (2006).  Although we associate heart disease with seniors, heart attacks can strike anyone at any age, as in the case of the late Quentin Groves, former NFL player who passed away at the young age of 32.  If you have a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure or cholesterol, it’s especially important to know signs of a heart attack.  Here are some red flags you shouldn’t ignore:

  • Combination of jaw, chest and/or back pain
  • Excessive sweating
  • Lethargy
  • Pain felt in one part of the body other than the actual part, also known as “referred pain”
  • Migraines accompanied with blind spots or tingling in hand and face
  • When something doesn’t feel right
  • Being unusually short of breath

24 Hour Cardiac Care in Century City

Taking preventive measures is the best way to avoid a heart attack.  Regular doctor appointments around Century City, taking consistent vital signs, watching what you eat, and exercising regularly are great ways to maintain a healthy, heart-happy lifestyle.  What if you can’t take time off to help your elderly loved one do all those things?  A-1 Home Care can send you a live-in caregiver to ensure that your parents are receiving the individual attention they deserve!

About A-1 Home Care  

All year round, A-1 Home Care provides Century City’s best in-home care services in LA County.  For over two decades, seniors and their families have enjoyed superior in-home care assistance with meal preparations, light housekeeping, personal care and companion care at affordable, competitive rates.  Our easy financing payment plans make it possible for any family to have high quality senior care for their loved ones, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

For high quality Heart Disease Care, call A-1 Home Care (310) 657-8780 or visit www.centurycityhomecare.com for services in Century City, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, Manhattan Beach and surrounding areas. 

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Silverstein, Alvin, et. al. Heart Disease: Twenty-First Century Medical Library. Breckenridge, CO: Twenty-First Century Books, 2006.



What You Should Know about Artificial Sweeteners If You Have Diabetes

parkinson care calabasas a-1 home careIt’s common practice for persons with Diabetes to use sugar substitutes in their diet.  These artificial sweeteners help satisfy your sweet tooth while reducing your calorie and carbohydrate intake.  A-1 Home Care recommends consuming sweeteners that are tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to make sure they are safe for your elderly loved one.  A list of popular brands includes Sweet One, Nutrasweet, Equal, Sweet & Low, N’Joy and Splenda.

Quick Facts:

  • The FDA has determined an acceptable daily intake (ADI) for each product.
  • Carefully follow specific instructions on packages for recipes using sugar substitutes.
  • There are six (6) types of sweeteners, of which Aspartame is the least beneficial for Diabetics. Aspartame is found in NutraSweet and
  • Artificial sweeteners have been linked to obesity
  • High amounts of sweeteners raise blood sugar levels
  • Sugar substitutes are counterproductive to your weight loss efforts

Preparing meals for an elderly loved one requires much attention to detail, and if you’re too tired from a long day at work, you might do a disservice to your loved one if you haphazardly shop for groceries without reading labels or fail to follow dietary recommendations.  A-1 Home Care provides 24 hour in-home care assistance for the seniors with Diabetes.  You can enjoy an extra pair of hands and feet around the house as the caregiver cooks, cleans, administers insulin, and provides personal care for your loved one.  Kick back and relax with your loved one as you spend quality time rather than performing menial chores.

About A-1 Home Care in Century City

A-1 Home Care is a licensed, bonded and insured agency providing high quality Diabetes Care to seniors and their families all over Century City.  Established in 1991, A-1 Home Care has won the hearts of our clients for over two decades, which makes us the preferred home care agency in Southern California.  As one of the few state-licensed agencies in California, A-1 Home Care protects your elderly loved ones from scam artists, predators, theft and fraud.  Every caregiver is screened thoroughly for their criminal background and DMV records.  All professional references are verified.

For Diabetic Care you can trust and count on, call A-1 Home Care (310) 657-8780 or visit www.centurycityhomecare.com for services in Century City, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, Manhattan Beach and surrounding areas. 

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24 Hour In-Home Care: When Living with Mom Just Won’t Work

a-1 domestic elder care cailforniaSooner or later, many adults have to come face-to-face with the inevitable fact that their elderly parents will need some kind of care, but this poses as a special challenge for those who have difficult parents to deal with.  Perhaps you tried your best by adding an addition to your home so that your parent can live with you, but in a room that’s entirely separated from the rest of the house.  But your parent insists that she move in with you, meaning that she wants to stay in the same living quarters with you, share the same kitchen, bathroom and other common areas with the rest of the family.  If you are faced with this predicament, what can you do?  How do you cope with your own emotions and protect the welfare of your family?  In this article, A-1 Home Care in Century City will throw out some suggestions that may work for you.

Establish Your Boundaries

A-1 Home Care acknowledges that you love your parents dearly, otherwise you wouldn’t be struggling with this conflict like you are right now.  It’s hard to find the right middle ground where you are balancing self-care with elder care without a trace of guilt.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier if your elderly parent were loveable and easy to get along with?  There’s no use in fighting what you can’t control, so what can you control?  If it’s hard enough as it is right now to establish boundaries with your parents while they are living in their own home, imagine how hard that will be if they move in with you.  The least you can do for yourself is hire a 24 hour caregiver for your elderly parents so that you are killing two birds with one stone – your parents’ daily needs are met and your own emotional health is preserved.  A-1 Home Care will be here when you are ready to take that bold step.

Reliable In-Home Care, 24 Hours a Day

Although your Mom or Dad insists on living with you, you know in your heart of hearts that it just won’t work.  A-1 Home Care knows that staying with a live-in caregiver is probably not your elderly loved ones’ first choice, but wouldn’t that be better than consigning them to a nursing or convalescent home?  Life isn’t fair.  You don’t always get what you want, but you can try your best to make sure that every single person’s needs are taken care of, including your own.  A-1 Home Care offers affordable 24 hour senior care, and for over two decades, our loveable, highly skilled companion care aides have won the hearts of seniors and their families all over LA County.  They become a part of your family as they care for seniors with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Heart Disease, Kidney Care, and other conditions.  Your elderly loved ones still get to live in the familiarity of their surroundings while receiving top-notch in-home care assistance with cooking, cleaning, personal care, medication reminders, transportation to appointments in Century City and more.

About A-1 Home Care

Since its inception in 1991, A-1 Home Care has been delivering exceptional senior care services to communities all over Century City.  As one of the few state-licensed agencies in California, A-1 Home Care ensures senior safety and wellness by thoroughly screening every caregiver for their criminal background check, DMV records and sex offender checks.  All professional references are verified.  The advantage of hiring a live-in caregiver from an agency is that we do all the legwork for you, and even if you tried to do it on your own, the Department of Justice would not send someone’s criminal background report to private families.  They only send it to qualifying agencies like licensed, bonded and insured home care companies, schools and other government agencies.  Our 24 hour care services and live-out caregiver services are covered by most long term insurance carriers and veteran benefits.

For quality senior care, call A-1 Home Care (310) 657-8780 or visit www.centurycityhomecare.com for services in Century City, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, Manhattan Beach and surrounding areas. 

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Prevent Serious Diabetes Complications with 24-Hour In-Home Care in Century City

24 hour care in monrovia a1 home careThe pancreas is a gland that’s part of your digestive system, and it’s primarily responsible for producing hormones and enzymes that break down food.  Its critical function is to control blood sugar levels in your body, but if you have a family history of Type 1 Diabetes, you may be diagnosed with it in early childhood or your late 30s/early 40s.  Type I Diabetes is an autoimmune disease, a health condition in which your pancreas’ beta cells are destroyed, thereby reducing or eliminating the supply of insulin in your bloodstream which regulates the level of sugar.   If you need 24-hour home care services for your loved ones with Diabetes, A-1 Home Care offers the best in-home support services in Century City and all of LA County.

Round-the-Clock Diabetic Monitoring

Under the supervision of a registered nurse, A-1 Home Care’s certified nurse aides will assist your elderly loved ones in monitoring insulin levels and establishing exercise routines.  You can count on delicious meals at least three times a day per the doctor’s orders while enjoying the benefits of round-the-clock in-home assistance with chores like light housekeeping, chores, cleaning, bathing, grooming, personal care and transportation for social visits and medical appointments anywhere in Century City and beyond.  If glucose levels are not monitored and controlled, diabetes can develop other complications such as neuropathic complications, macrovascular disease, retinopathy, nephropathy, hypoglycemia and increased risk of infections.  Comorbid conditions like Alzheimer’s make it difficult for seniors to accurately gauge their own blood sugar levels, so it is best to have a live-in caregiver to help while you’re away at work.

About A-1 Home Care in Century City

A-1 Home Care has a longstanding reputation with seniors and their families everywhere in Los Angeles County, from Century City to Culver City, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, Manhattan Beach and surrounding areas.  Established in 1991, A-1 Home Care is a licensed, bonded and insured elder care agency providing affordable 24-hour and live-out senior care services.  You can also benefit from a variety of other in-home care services such as traveling companion care, post-surgery care, overnight care, and more.  High quality live-in diabetic care can be financed through our easy financing options, and we also accept Veteran Benefits and long-term care insurance.

To hire a caregiver today, call (310) 657-8780 or visit www.centurycityhomecare.com for services in Century City,

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Century City Home Care: The Rx Drug Problem among the Elderly

Grandparent and daughterForgetfulness is the most common sign of aging, but when memory loss starts to interfere with your physical health, such as forgetting when to take your meds, it becomes a problem of life or death.  The Department of Health and Human Services reports that 55% of the elderly do not follow the doctor’s prescribed dosage, and research shows that 200,000 seniors end up in the hospital due to adverse drug reactions.  Are there other factors leading to the Rx problem for the elderly?  A-1 Home Care in Century City considers some of the other circumstances surrounding the drug dilemma:


Reading the Fine Print

Impaired vision comes naturally with aging, and for many elders, misreading instructions on a bottle label will lead to disastrous consequences.

 Addiction to Pain Killers

Certain drugs prescribed to relieve insomnia, anxiety, arthritis and other symptoms are extremely popular among seniors and therefore potentially dangerous if misused and abused.  Opiates, stimulants and central nervous system (CNS) depressants are among the most commonly abused drugs.


The death of a spouse or another loved one can trigger a person to turn to alcohol to cope with the emotional pain, perhaps three or four times more than his or her usual alcohol intake.  The effects of alcohol include impaired memory and emotional instability.  If your aging loved one already has some form of dementia or Alzheimer’s, the increased consumption of alcohol would only serve to worsen the symptoms.


When you travel home for the holidays to see your elderly loved ones, pay special attention to signs of prescription drug misuse or abuse.  Some signs may be more obvious than others, such as increased confusion, mood changes, and daytime sleepiness. A-1 Home Care in Culver City offers full-time or part-time respite care for seniors who may be at risk for prescription drug misuse.  Avoid potential disasters by getting a live-in or live-out caregiver to look after your loved one when you’re not at home if you suspect anything.

To hire a caregiver today, call (310) 657-8780 or visit www.centurycityhomecare.com for services in Century City, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu, Manhattan Beach and surrounding areas. 

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After Surgery Solutions Bring Companionship To The Hospital Bed In Century City

Will your loved one be spending a significant amount of time in a hospital following surgery? In that case, perhaps you should turn your attention to the most affordable companionship care available in all of Southern California.

At A-1 Home Care in Century City, our caregivers provide after surgery care services for elders from all different walks of life, including Jewish, Middle Eastern, Asian, and European, so that all our beloved seniors can receive lasting care from the hospital bed every day.


Take a look below at a few of the hospital sitter services provided at A-1 Home Care:

  • assistance with personal services like bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting
  • wake-up and tuck-in services
  • running errands like grocery shopping and picking up clothes from the cleaners
  • maintenance inside the home including vacuuming, dusting, dishwashing, laundry, and trash
  • assistance with mobility
  • maintenance outside the home including yard work and gardening tasks
  • transportation of items you need from the home during your hospital stay
  • special needs care
  • child care
  • pet care

A-1 Home Care is the non-medical home care agency trusted most in Southern California, and has retained that notable distinction since its inception more than 20 years ago. Each caregiver on staff additionally provides senior care options that include hourly in-home care for terminally-ill patients, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, Multiple Sclerosis care, and many others so that no senior gets left behind on the journey toward improved home health.

If you’d like to find out more about the exceptional after surgery care options that are available in Century City and surrounding communities, then call a helpful caregiver by dialing (310) 657-8780 or (562) 929-8400. A-1 Home Care is proud to serve nearby in cities like Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles.